Live a life of hope, joy and courage

Are you wanting peace?






Have you had big disappointments and rejection in your life? But you still get up every morning and do what needs to be done?

Your heart is heavy.

You really don’t like yourself.

You feel like others don’t really see you.

I can help you as a personal life coach with these “less than great areas” in your life.

I’ll walk alongside you as you rediscover

your dreams,

your passions,

your true self.

Our time together is YOU focused.

As we dig into your dreams, desires, and hopes, you will gain the tools to attain these once hidden things.

It is a special relationship built on trust. It takes time and commitment and will require action on your part.  I'll encourage you to stretch beyond the present barriers in your thinking to bring out the best of you.


Our time together is a safe place -

  • A safe place to say out loud what your hopes and dreams are.
  • A safe place to speak of the obstacles you face that have held you back from moving forward in your life.
  • A safe place to try something difficult or intimidating.
  • A safe place to change.
  • A safe placed to succeed.

As we meet together you will

  • Begin to dream for the future
  • Release and walk through your fear
  • Embrace your innate creativity
  • Improve yourself confidence
  • Begin to like yourself.
  • Become the person you most want to be!

Coaching isn’t counseling or therapy. It is a special time that focuses on the you of this moment and the you, you want to become.

Together we come up with what is it that you really want to change in.

Together we will come up with a path to get you to where /who you want to be.

Together we plan out steps to take on that path.


From my heart to yours.

I want to gently guide you into joy; a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

I want to help you walk

  • In courage, not fear
  • In joy, not despair.

You can’t change your past and often you can’t change your circumstances or people in your life but you can change you and find joy in your life.

My passion is to see women live courageously and joyfully. Sometimes this takes some assistance to get over the "hump" that has them stuck.

Humps like:

  • Difficult situations – illness, grief, financial problems
  • Difficult relationships – controlling people, weak boundaries, abuse
  • Difficult life transitions – divorce, empty nest, a move

Here's How We Can Work Together

Here's What I'm Learning

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Kind Words

Hello!  My name is Joni and you are probably scrolling through the reviews trying to decide if you want to engage in Vicci’s services.  Well, I am giving unbiased and honest feedback for you.  I can’t make your decision but I can share my experience.

I’m older and have had professional counseling on and off my whole life.  In the last year I have experienced a couple of life changes and struggles with a couple of issues.  I didn’t think it was serious enough to seek professional counseling and give my life history, etc.

My brain honestly felt jumbled up with what if’s, you can, you should, which way, just do it and fails.  So I engaged in coaching with Vicci and it was absolutely what I needed.  She was wonderful in providing a safe, non-judgmental space that allowed and encouraged me to put all my jumbled thoughts out there, sort through them, pick out the truth, throw away the junk and set some realistic goals.  She provided feedback and guided me to my own awareness of my problems.  I knew she was there for support and encouragement and it worked.    My brain is not jumbled and I have a system of attainable goals.  Coaching is different than counseling and both have their places; but I am successful with my coach.  Thank you, Vicci!!