Would you like to use art to transform negative thoughts?  Do you have negative and demeaning words or phrases that you frequently say to yourself? Are you like me? Do you struggle with thoughts that actually depress you, keep you angry, and make you sad. I have a fun and creative activity that can aid you in transforming your negative thoughts into positive ones.

As we start this art project I want you to know that I am not a certified Art Therapist, I am a certified Life Coach.  I do know that art activities are a fabulous and fun way to deepen your self-awareness, possibly discover what moves you and what keeps you stuck. The activities will always include a reminder of your value.

What we will do is:

Gently explore our inner world – possibly stirring up the stuff we don’t look at very often

Stimulate our creative juices

Relax and quiet our minds

Thus the name Soul-Sweet Art Creations; art activities that will sweeten your soul.


Our thoughts reveal our deeply held beliefs. So when you have repeated negative thoughts you are revealing what you really believe about yourself. Two things could be true about this self-talk

  1. They are true but they are qualities that can be changed.
  2. They are false; incorrect perception of yourself that can be changed.

Either way, you don’t have to be stuck with these thoughts. You can change the words you say about yourself and what you believe about yourself can change. You can transform negative thoughts into positive ones.

The first step to change is “considering”. I want you to be open to the idea that the words/ beliefs are not true or that they don’t have to be true any longer. Just “consider” that the words you hear are not true and “consider” what the truth could be and what it would mean to your life.

I found that after doing this activity and my tormenting words came I actually saw the picture I made and that image kept me from going down to my “pit”. It gave me time to remember to “consider” the truth or lack of truth in the words and I was able to move on in the day without them disturbing my emotions.

In this activity, we will write down these words or phrases that plague us and literally turn them into a thing of beauty. Sounds weird? Keep reading, this will be fun. Also, I will share a few drawing and design tips.


Gather your supplies:

Mixed Media Pad – or any paper for your “canvas” (I like mixed media pads because you can paint, use glue or markers and the pages do so well. Also having all your Soul-Sweet Creations in one place the pad becomes a type of journal for you)

Drawing media – I used colored pencils, but you could use markers or crayons (the soft lead colored pencils are a dream to work with, they cost a little more but are so worth it)


Painter’s tape

supplies for the Art Creation Transform Negative Thoughts


Using the painter’s tape, tape along the edges of your paper.

Lay it even with the edge; use 4 strips, one for each side. When we are finished drawing we will peel the tape off and we will get a clean, crisp border for our artwork.

photo of how to lay down the tape



Inside the taped area write with a pencil lightly a few of your most frequently heard negative words/phrases.

Write them in large print.

Have them going horizontal and vertical.

photo of the words written in pencil



Transform them into a garden. Use your words as a “skeleton” for flowers, stems, leaves, or grass.

It is your garden it doesn’t have to be realistic.

Leaves don’t have to be round. They can be pointed or squared.

Add spiders, ladybugs or butterflies, small animals, a sun – the possibilities are endless.

Draw big! Draw to the edges!

Don’t hesitate to gather ideas for simple designs. That is how you learn. The more you draw and design the more you will adapt other’s ideas to your style.

Here are some ideas I like.

photo of how to draw flowers over the words

photo of step in art creation on transform negative thoughts


Color the background! I choose to color each area a different color, giving it a stained glass feel. Color all the way to the tape.  Then the final unveiling, take the tape off and your creation now has a white and neat border all around it.

photo of final result of art creation transform negative thoughts

I took a picture of mine and have it as the wallpaper on my phone as a daily reminder to “consider” that I can transform my negative thoughts. You could also make a color copy to put somewhere in the house as a visual reminder.

photo of screen saver


I hope you enjoyed this activity.

I would love to see your finished project! Post on my Facebook page Joy&Courage.

Leave your picture in the comments.

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Blessings, Vicci


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